Build a Modular Home Faster than you Can Buy a New Home


30 Jan 2012

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Spring is house hunting time and spring is right around the corner. Are you in the market for a new home? Why buy when you can build one in the same amount of time, or maybe less.

Custom Modular Homes New England is your New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts area modular home builder. Choose a floor plan or custom design a modular floor plan and go from the planning stage to moving in in just a few months.

It could take longer than that to find a home that you want to buy. Odds are that the new home you buy may also need some remodeling. Get in a new home exactly the way you want it, faster. Build modular. Modular construction is the perfect solution for the person who wants a new home, but likes the area in which they live right now. Or, for those who own a piece of property and now want their dream home.

Modular construction is faster and more efficient than stick-built construction and it can be custom designed. Contact Custom Modular Homes New England for more information.