With low mortgage rates you can build a modular home


22 Oct 2010

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Mortgage rates are still at all time lows. If you have been contemplating a new home, now is the time to take action. Modular homes can be built with many different floor plans for those seeking to build their own home. For the budget conscious land owner this is the perfect storm! Low rates and a way to build a home which allows you to really manage your budget. Modular homes are more accommodating to your budget than traditional stick built homes because you know what the costs are going into the project.  The modular sections are built to exacting standards in a factory. There are no additional costs due to wrong measurements, bad cuts, or bad weather. Each piece of wood is cut precisely and assembled consistently inside a factory, away from weather. As the homeowner, you go into the project essentially knowing what it will cost for the site work, the home construction and assembly process, and the landscaping; and rarely do you encounter “hidden fees” or rising costs due to unforeseen circumstances.

Additionally, the time frame in which it takes to build a modular home is significantly less than with a traditionally built home. Therefore, you are paying for two residences for a much less amount of time, thus keeping your housing costs low as well. If you have always dreamed of building a new home, with rates this low, do not just think about it, now is the time to make your dream come true.