The History Of Modular Homes


23 Aug 2010

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Modular construction, often considered the future of the home building industry, has roots near a century old. Two significant events in the first thirteen years of the 20th century have lead to the evolution of today’s modern modular home.

In 1908, Sears Roebuck & Company began selling kit homes through its popular catalog. While these kit homes were not constructed in any way before reaching the home site, they were among the first homes to have their complete system of materials transported to a home site.  A Sears homebuyer could expect their kits, complete with 30,000 pieces and a 75 page instruction manual to arrive via train.

In 1913, automotive pioneer Henry Ford introduced the assembly line concept at his automotive plant. Ford’s revolutionary idea reduced the construction time of a new automobile significantly, while maintaining control and quality at each step of the process. Nearly a half-century later, the concepts introduced by Ford and Sears Roebuck & Company would be married at the dawn of the modular home industry.