Modular Home Materials


08 Mar 2010

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Once the materials are delivered to our supplier, New England Homes, they are stored under cover and away from the weather. Everything is built indoors…your roof, your kitchen, and the living room, all in ideal conditions.  Materials are pre-determined and in place before the building starts so there isn’t any unnecessary “swap outs” due to delivery issues. Furthermore, the limited project waste doesn’t end up as an eye sore in your yard. We assure the quality of your home due to the factory’s controlled environment.

Because the building components are shipped as modules, their construction must be more durable than those necessary for on site building. Additionally this makes a modular home ideal for planning on the demanding and ever changing conditions of a New England climate!

The industry finds New England Homes in the forefront of backing up the long term quality and durability of its products. New England Homes provides an upgraded warranty package that provides one-year coverage on workmanship and materials and a 10-year coverage on major structural defects.