Location, Location, Location - No Need to Move, Build A Modular Home


17 Oct 2011

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Do you live in the perfect location but you need a new home? Sometimes, it is far less expensive to demolish and rebuild your existing home.

Everyone in real estate will tell you, location is what is important. If you want to a new home, but you are already in the right location, consider building yourself a new modular home.

Closing costs and fees can add up into the tens of thousands of dollars not to mention the stress and hassle of trying to sell your home for the price you want while looking for a home in the right location.

A modular home is the perfect solution. You already own the land, you already have a great location, you already know the neighbors.

A modular home can be built in 2-3 months and is fully customizable. There are no hidden fees, you will know exactly what the budget is going into the project.

Thinking of building a modular home to take advantage of your perfect location? Contact Custom Modular Homes New England.