Do you Modular Homes Cost Less?


01 Mar 2010

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When you add up all the labor, material and time savings inherent in building modular homes, you will find that the price of a modular home is generally lower than a traditionally built home of comparable size. Just as important is that you will keep saving money year after year because the energy efficiency of your new home keeps your heating and cooling bills lower.

The purchase price of a modular home is less than that of a conventionally built home because the factory is has lower costs in several areas. Savings come from volume purchases of materials directly from the manufacturer (eliminating middleman markups), lower assembly line wages, and a reduction in lost and damaged materials caused by on-site weather conditions, pilferage, and vandalism. The only way a traditonal builder can match the cost of a modular home is by building with less expensive, inferior materials, by employing unskilled labor, or by paying for fewer man-hours. This of course results in poorer construction, craftsmanship, and quality.

The costs are not only lower with modular homes, they are also known in advance of construction. The modular manufacturer can offer prices that usually will not fluctuate. Most modular homes are 85% complete when they are shipped from the factory to the building site. In fact, the price is guaranteed, regardless of cost increases to the factory for materials and labor.