Despite Rising Costs Modular Homes Can Still Save You Money and Time


14 Mar 2011

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Modular homes offer a vast range of pre-designed homes, as well as custom designed homes with many benefits, to fit any family’s needs in style and budget. And each home can be further customized to specifically address the individual home buyer's desires. As spring approaches, this usually brings with it an increase in home sales. Many people around New Hampshire and Massachusetts are starting to think about buying a new home. And, as the low mortgage rates slowly rise, buying a new home sooner rather than later is the most optimal choice.
For those who are considering a newly built home, you should consider building yourself a modular home. As oil prices increase, all industries are victim to increased costs. However, modular homes companies are less affected than the stick built construction contractor.  The modules for Custom Modular Homes are built in controlled environments to exact specifications. Therefore construction costs are already lower than the traditional builders’. The modular home takes less time to construct; therefore, you have a shorter time to pay for the worker’s on site thus decreasing labor costs as well. The modular home factories have their materials on site in bulk, therefore are less victim to the immediate increase in transportation costs of goods and materials that most shipping companies are adding onto their invoices. Therefore, your materials cost is lower as well.
In spite of the economic situation people still need to buy a home. Rather than buy a brand-new stick-built home, a preferred solution for consumers (and the institutions that lend them money) might be a custom-built  modular home.