Build or Buy a New Home


20 Mar 2012

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Spring is here, and with spring comes the home buying season. If you are in the market for a new home, with interest rates so low now is the perfect time. But why settle for a new home that you still need to make home improvements to. Build yourself a new modular home, and move in in just a couple months.

Make this your last move and build the home you have been looking for. Do you need more space, a home office, another bedroom, a larger bathroom? No problem. Modular home floor plans can be customized the way you want them.

There are many considerations in deciding whether to buy or to build a new home. Even though building your dream home may seem a lot more difficult than looking for a house that is already built and ready to live in, it can actually be very rewarding.

When you build a modular home:

  • You can customize your floor plan; add a deck, office, garage, fire place or hardwood floors.
  • A modular home can be designed with existing floor plans, custom designed floor plans or if you have plans already made we can build your modular homes to those plans.
  • Your home may be more resalable in the future because it is built with quality materials.
  • You home will be built to the most up to date building codes therefore may be more resalable in the future.
  • Custom Modular Homes New England will oversee the day to day building.
  • In a modular home you could be in your new home in a couple months from start to finish. The building process is much shorter with modular construction than with stick built homes.

For information on building a modular home in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, contact Custom Modular Home New England.