Benefits of Modular Homes


24 Apr 2010

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Benefits of Modular Homes
There are many benefits to modular home construction over regular “stick built homes” or homes which are traditionally built on site. There are many national building codes as well as state and local building codes throughout New England, and modular construction adheres to them all.  Modular homes are factory built in an assembly line production process, using labor efficiently while maintaining the highest level of quality control. At every step in the production line the factories have expert quality control inspectors. High tech equipment is used so that all the corners are square and the walls are plumb. Additionally, the pieces of the house are built before the site work (foundation and septic) is done and with out the constraints of weather and contractor schedules, therefore, it is built much more efficiently than a traditionally built home, keeping the modular home costs down. Without weather and scheduling issues, material replacement costs and labor costs all remain in check. Additionally, the factories can buy much of the materials in bulk, which also reduces material cost.
Typically, modular homes use 30% more lumber than stick built homes making them stronger than most frame houses. Floors and walls are screwed together as well as glued together in order to compensate for road transportation and crane lifting. Modular homes are the better way to build a home.   Call CMHNE today for a quote.